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Founded in 2003, Touchstone International Medical Science Co., Ltd. is a privately owned company, specialising in the development of advanced and innovative surgical staplers that enhance clinical performance, minimise risk and improve patient outcomes.

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Our products are used across the world in both laparoscopic and open surgery, working closely with Colorectal, UGI, Thoracic surgeons in 40 countries.
The Company’s state-of-the-art facility is located at Suzhou, (80 kms away from Shanghai) China. The R&D, training and manufacturing centre occupies 15,000 sq. metres in an 8 storey building. The facility is ISO 13485 certified and is periodically audited by the European Union Notified Bodies.
Touchstone’s highly skilled professionals and engineers (30 professionals in R&D) work closely with surgeons from all over the world, with the aim of design effective and innovative solutions to the challenges they face in their surgical practice. The Company maintains a large patent portfolio and strives to build comprehensive Intellectual Property base. To date, 1,170 patent applications have been lodged (including 458 invention patents). 677 patents have been awarded. Touchstone was awarded as one of the top ten innovative companies in China in 2013 and has received numerous innovation awards in China.
The Company’s products receive CE marking, are FDA-cleared and have passed medical device regulatory approvals in more than 20 countries worldwide, including TGA in Australia and Anvisa in Brazil. The company has complete control over its supply chain and quality assurance processes.

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