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Surgeon Procedure Product Region
Prof.Garbriele Naldini Partial stapled hemorrhoids TST33-T80 Italy
Prof.Garbriele Naldini STARR procedure TSTmega-plus Italy
Dr.Francesco Crafa Open LAR KOL Italy
Dr.Francesco Crafa Robotic Lap. LAR KOL Italy

Clinical Papers

Surgeon Article name Product
Dr. Rudolf Steffen, Switzerland Time for a change in surgical stapling – introducing the Touchstone Circular Staple Gun CSC
Prof. Donglin Ren, China Partial stapled hemorrhoidopexy: a minimally invasive technique for hemorrhoids TSTmega
Prof. Donglin Ren, China Partial stapled hemorrhoidopexy versus circular stapled hemorrhoidopexy for grade III-IV prolapsing hemorrhoids: a two-year prospective controlled study TSTmega
Dr. I. Khubchandani, USA Reply to invited comment on “Partial stapled hemorrhoidopexy versus circular stapled hemorrhoidopexy for grade III–IV prolapsing hemorrhoids: a two-year prospective controlled study” by I. Khubchandani TSTmega
Dr. Hongcheng Lin, China The Tissue-selecting Technique: Segmental Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy TSTmega
Prof. Gabriele Naldini, Italy Tailored prolapse surgery for the treatment of haemorrhoids and obstructed defecation syndrome with a new dedicated device:TST STARR Plus” TSTmega-plus
Prof. Donglin Ren, China 36mm Tissue Selecting Technique: A simple and effective technique for patients with large prolapsing hemorrhoids and obstructed constipation syndrome TSTmega-plus
Dr. Pierpaolo Sileri, Italy Full Thickness Local Excision of Large Rectal Tumour Using A Megawindows 36 Millimetres Circular Stapler” TSTmega-plus
Dr. Roland Scherer, Germany Safety and efficacy of transanal prolapse resection with a new 36mm stapler device (TSTstarr+) TSTmega-plus
Prof. William Meng, HK Synchronous laparoscopic low anterior and transanal endoscopic microsurgery total mesorectal resection KOL
Dr. Valentina Giaccaglia, Italy Technical characteristics can make the difference in a surgical linear stapler Or not? LC
Dr. Valentina Giaccaglia, Italy Different characteristics of circular staplers make the difference in anastomotic tensile strength KOL
Changhua Zhuo,MD.PhD et al Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection and Eversion Technique Combined With a Non ‘Dog Ear’ Anastomasis for Mid- and distal Rectal Neoplasms KOL
F. Crafa, J. Megevand.
G. Romano, P. Silen
New double-stapled anastomotic to avoid crossing temple lines KOL


description Video link
South East Recto Anal Forum (SERAF), Busan, Korea, Feb 25th 2017 http://www.kookje.co.kr/news2011/asp/newsbody.asp?code=0700&key=20170228.22025184735 
2017 Distributor Sales Training, Suzhou, China 12397654

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